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6 Things to Consider When Booking Your Photographer

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

  • Always try to get the whole picture (get it? But really…) Photographers, understandably, only post their best work. Consider asking your potential photographer for access to a full wedding album that they’ve done. This gives you a full understanding of their body of work and if it will fit with your vision.

  • Personality is so important!! You want someone who will keep you laughing, who you’re not afraid to make-out with your fiancé in front of, and someone who is fast and efficient when dealing with large families and larger personalities. Follow your potential photog on Instagram, meet with them in person before booking, or at least have an extensive phone call with them. Make sure you vibe!

  • You found your dream photographer! Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you get multiple quotes. View each proposal with a critical eye and compare prices, as well as what comes in each package. Are the allotted hours enough for them to capture all the way from getting ready to send off? Is an engagement shoot (AMAZING for getting to know your photographer) included? Does the package come with a second shooter? If you’re not specifically hiring a videographer, does your photographer’s second shooter do minimal video shooting (like for a Reel?)?

  • Can your photographer join you for rehearsal? This gives the photographer a chance to scope out the venue for photogenic moments. It also allows for your family to get to know them so that they can be relaxed on wedding day - even when a camera is being pointed at them. This makes for great candid photos for your overall album!

  • Check on the rights for your photos. Will you need to purchase them to use without water marks? Do you only get a certain set of photos with your package? Will additional photos be extra cost?

  • For my melanin-blessed families: On a personal note, we work very hard on our tan year-round (some of us are more successful than others…). If you are in this group, make sure you pick a photographer who showcases darker skin tones in natural light, as opposed to some photographers who feature predominantly lighter skin tones. The latter may accidentally wash out your amazing complexion if they approach editing the same for all skin types. You won’t regret it when you look flawless looking back at your photos!

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