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Alysha and Brandon's Summertime Wedding

Every month we chose one amazing couple to feature in our blog because their story is just too cute not to share! This month we chose Alysha and Brandon’s intimate but glamorous wedding. We had so much fun helping Alysha with finding her vendors and bringing her vision to life! Here’s the their story:

Alysha and Brandon met while working for SoonerVision at the University of Oklahoma. SoonerVision is the production arm of the UO athletic department, producing all of the televised media for the school. Alysha was a graduate assistant finishing up her first year and Brandon was a full timer that had recently started for the department. They were out celebrating Brandon’s birthday and another co-worker’s when Brandon heard that Alysha was “super single”. Brandon immediately started to make his move! Of course, Alysha fell for it and they began dating.

Since they met while working for the University of Oklahoma Athletic Department, Brandon thought it would only be fitting that the place they met is the place they decided on forever. He duped her by telling her that they were grabbing dinner with some friends. On the way to dinner Brandon’s supervisor called and “asked him to go to the football stadium and watch the changes to the Spring Game intro video”. Once they got to the stadium, they walked to the 20 yard line and the video started to play on the big screen. The screen went black and the intro began… gong…gong… and then cut to a slideshow of memories of the two of them. That’s when Alysha clued into what was happening! At the end of the video, Brandon dropped down onto one knee and asked her to marry him.. She said yes!

First thing’s first, choosing a venue. Alysha knew that she wanted to have a summer wedding and it being Central Florida she was smart to want an all-indoor venue so that they wouldn’t have to worry about the rain. Lake Mary Events Center fit the bill - they didn’t have to compromise the feel of being outside without having to be outside.If you’ve never been to Lake Mary Events Center there’s one phrase to describe it is “All the natural light!” with floor to ceiling windows you definitely feel the outdoors, indoors. Alysha chose soft blue, light and warm pinks, with hints of greenery and gold as accents. A beautiful combination that screamed summer romance!

For their wedding must haves, Alysha wanted a cathedral length veil which she absolutely ROCKED on wedding day, custom wedding stationary (shout out Chirps and Cheers in Oklahoma City, OK), and of course, custom University of Oklahoma cookies.

From their first consult call, Alysha knew that Chelsea had an attention to detail that she desired. “She didn’t try to sugarcoat whether or not something was realistic and could fit into my budget, which is what I needed. I knew she would be the best resource and take off any stress - which I had a lot of!”

Alysha and Brandon had a small, intimate wedding with just their closest family and friends. Only 25 guests! We love a cozy wedding with just the best of the best surrounding you. Some might fear that this small of a group would lack the party vibe but as soon as that DJ started playing everyone got on the dance floor! “We weren’t sure if anyone would dance but everyone got up and started shaking their groove things!”

With all brides, it’s natural to focus on one thing with the belief that it’s the most important part of your wedding and it turns out to be the thing you think about the least on your actual wedding day. For Alysha it was her shoes. She searched and searched to find a perfect pair that after a dress debacle where her dress was cut too short during alterations, the shoes she had found were too high for the new length of the dress. She began the search again, searching and searching until finally she bought a cute pair from DSW and they turned out to be great (with the added bonus of being more comfortable than the original pair). Turns out, she didn’t think about her shoes for a second on the big day.

We always ask our couples, what’s one piece of advice you could give to other couples? Alysha says, “Just remember it’s your day! Figure out what matters the most to you and do it. You will feel pressure to make everyone happy, but put yourself first!”

We agree Alysha. You only get this day once, make it all yours!

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