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Beauty Prep For Your Wedding Day

The beauty prep for wedding day is real! Here’s a timeline with tips on when to get certain services done and how to be prep for your wedding day so that you’re glowing, beautiful and comfortable and relaxed all day long.

Three Months Out:

  • Microblading: Sam from Glam By Sam G says, “If you’re thinking of getting any permanent makeup procedures done, consider doing them at least three months prior to your wedding date to allow for optimal healing time from the initial appointment, along with the touchup appointment and allowing a little extra time to do any small corrections, if necessary!”

Two Weeks Out:

  • Pick up your dress from the seamstress. No final adjustments should be made at this point. We recommend taking a video of how to bustle your dress at your final appointment. Photos will not be helpful but a video will show whoever is bustling your dress on wedding day exactly where those bustle points are!

    • 🔥HOT TIP🔥: Send the video to your coordinator so they’ve got it ready to go on wedding day!

  • Start wearing your shoes in the house to break them in. Make sure you only walk on surfaces like carpet and that your feet are clean. You want the shoes to look clean for detail shots but you also want to break them in for comfort if they need it.

  • Hair Cut - Your hair will be photographed with a sharp lens. Make sure you get a small trim to ensure your ends look smooth and neat. They’ll also hold a curl better that way.

  • Teeth Whitening - Val from Allure by Val, lash artist and teeth whitening specialist says that two weeks before the event or earlier would be best. Just remember that you are restricted to bland colored foods for the first 48 hours.

  • Lash Extensions - Val says, “I get a ton of brides that decide they want lashes for their wedding day but have never had them and don’t know what they like or if they’ll have an allergic reaction. I recommend getting a full set 2-3 weeks before the wedding and then a fill 2 - 2.5 weeks later about two days before the actual day of the wedding. By the time the fill comes we can tweak the final look to ensure it’s exactly what they envision and by then we’re sure there’s no reaction to the service.” Also, going slightly more dramatic for your wedding day will reap benefits in your photos.

  • Facials - Gloria from Studio Glo says to get any facials done a “little over a week before just in case there’s some purging (breakouts). It will give your skin enough time to clear up by wedding day.”

One Week Out:

  • Get your eyebrows done - Do this with a trusted technician about 3-4 days before wedding day, says Gloria.

  • Steam your dress - Do a once over on your dress, on your time, relaxed. That way, on your wedding day it will just need touch ups.

  • Nails - Try to do this no more than 5 days before your wedding so you don’t experience much growth. Remember, your hands will be photographed with that new bling on!

None of these things are required to be a bride, you are beautiful the way you are, however if you are interested in a little pampering be sure to follow our timeline guidelines to avoid any mishaps! Most of all, enjoy these services as a break from wedding planning stress!

Are you planning on getting any of these services done? Let us know in the comments!

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