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"Do You Travel or Plan Weddings Virtually?" - The Answer is YES!!

On today's blog we are telling the story of Shannon and Emerson, a couple we worked with in 2019... and 2020... and 2021!! This story spans two states, Florida and Colorado. We most definitely traveled for them and loved every minute of it!

Shannon, a bride living in Colorado, originally planned for her big wedding to be in the Florida Keys. She hired Sea Your Day Events to help plan her wedding. We went down to the Keys to view her venue, which she was having second thoughts about. Shannon says, "They addressed all of my concerns with the venue and made it work." We made sure Shannon was comfortable with her venue choice and showed her how well it could work with her vision. We were ready for 200 person, black tie affair.

Then Covid-19 hit. We all know what happened then. Shannon stayed in Colorado and we started brain storming with her. In total we planned six different weddings because of Covid and all of the rules and regulation changes. SIX! "Never once did I feel like I was a burden, even during the time we did a four hour zoom" says Shannon. We planned these weddings with Shannon almost completely virtually over zoom. "I was able to fly there to meet up with them, they flew here - they were willing to do that!" says Shannon.

Wedding month finally came around. We flew out, ready to get our wedding on! Unfortunately, not long after we arrived we found of that the venue had lied to us and left poor Shannon in a lurch. We needed to find a new venue, fast!

We came up with a fun alternative: a 30 person, neon, throwback, onesie snowsuit, side of the road ceremony venue, ski day, and backyard reception. Yep, you read that right.

Here's where you get a peek at this AMAZING ceremony:

"I still got the most fantastic bridal shots. My husband was involved the entire time. They coordinated with all of my different vendors and anything weird that popped up. If it happened, I don't know because the entire day went so smoothly."

After this breathtaking ceremony everyone hit the slopes for a fun filled day of skiing and snowboarding. Shannon and Emerson got fantastic shots on the hills:

"Two of them (coordinators) came out to help me specifically on the wedding day. So I had one kind of running everything with the vendors and everything that they needed. And the other was kind of my go to girl. They had very clear expectations. The value is absolutely there.... Wedding of my dreams!"

We're still waiting to help coordinate their big reception, wherever it is, but until then, we just love looking at these photos. Thanks for trusting us Shannon and Emerson!! We love your love!

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