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Engagement Shoots - Why? How? When?

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Have you considered doing an engagement shoot yet? Not only are engagement photos a great excuse to look cute and snuggle up to your boo, and of course, show off that bling on your finger (hey hey!!), they also make for amazing content. Content for your gram and also for your invites and save the dates and even for décor for your wedding day! Most photographers come with a complimentary or low cost engagement shoot when you book your wedding with them. This is a great chance for your photographer to get to know you and visa versa.

Here are some tips for a successful engagement shoot:

  • You could schedule your wedding day hair and makeup trial for the day of your engagement shoot. That way you get to test out your stylist to get comfortable with them. Going for a way different style vibe for engagement pics? If you don’t want your engagement shoot hair to be exactly like your wedding day hair, you and your stylist can discuss some other great options at this time too! Either way, you get to feel out two vendors on the same day.

    • Triple Dip Pro Tip✨: You’ve got hair done, nails did and lookin’ so fiiiiiinnne, so plan a fun date night out afterwards!

  • Ask your photographer for their suggestions on the best time of day to shoot that matches with the photos you would like to get. They may want to get together earlier for full light or later to capture that golden hour.

  • You can do your engagement shoot any time during your engagement just keep in mind that it can take photographers 4-6 weeks to get your photos back. Consider if you are using them for your save the dates or invitations, you will need time to create and print them.

  • Consider choosing a vibe that may be different from how your wedding day will be, that way your engagement photos are a little different from your wedding photos. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, think of the ying to your wedding yang and go for cityscapes or a wooded forest.

BONUS IDEA: Do you have a place that’s sentimental to you that is not your wedding venue? Consider capturing that special location on camera for your engagement shoot. Do you and your partner have an undying love for say, Taco Bell? Boom, perfect opportunity to capture some photos at your local Bell and have fun with it! And it doesn’t have to be Taco Bell, maybe a favorite park or activity you both love!

  • Plan out your outfits and send them to your photographer for their opinion. Your photographer may have a limit on how many outfit changes you’re allowed to do, so be sure to check in with them too.

  • Ask your photographer how many hours are included with an engagement shoot, and if that will be enough time for what you want to accomplish. Sometimes an hour may not be enough, especially if your special spot requires location changes or a walk from the car if you are entering a beautiful state park or beach.

  • Find some pose inspo!! Don’t want to be that prom pose couple? Go through the hashtags on our Instagram posts to gather ideas for poses you want to do with your fiancé. Create a vision board to share them with your photographer before your shoot so that they know what poses and vibe you’re looking for.

  • Wear something you’re comfortable in, your comfort level will translate to the photographs. If you want your engagement photos to be Tom-Cruise-in-jorts-playing volleyball-on-the-beach sex appeal, slip into something that would make Tom himself drool! (and your fiancé too, obvi) If you are in love with the airy sunbeams falling around that perfect hat brim and spiraling locks of hair, pick that outfit that makes you feel your inner nature vibes and rock every inch of that hat!

  • Be sure to check for any restrictions your location may have. You may need a permit to shoot, for drone footage, or even if it’s private or public property. The last thing you want is for your shoot to be interrupted by some ornery officials!

PRO TIP✨: CLEAN YOUR RING!! I cleaned my ring right before my engagement shoot and wow, I honestly didn't realize how dirty it had gotten in the last 6 months. It seriously looked like a brand new ring - I had to double check it was mine!

  • Weather is unpredictable, especially in Florida. Bring an umbrella and a nice blanket just in case you need cover and just in case you need to lay the blanket down on a wet surface to sit down.

  • Bring a second large blanket or towel to make a changing room in the car just in case there's no bathroom to change in!

  • Break in your shoes so you don't end up with blisters! (or bring a pair of flops for footwear changes on the go!)

  • Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer if a pose doesn’t feel comfortable for you. This is an opportunity for your photographer to learn about your boundaries and communicate with your photographer if you’d like help being posed. Sometimes they can see an angle that you can’t, yano, being the one being photographed. Don’t forget, your photographer is just as worried about making you feel comfortable as you are, so the more you can tell them about what you like or don’t like during the photo sesh will only make you love your pics more!!

  • This is a great chance to get some family photos if you have pets or children. Bring a friend or family member along to care for them during the bulk of your session or possibly meet you towards end so the kiddos or doggos don’t get worn out.

  • Last but not least, RELAX, have fun and, to be honest…just make out a little. Little kisses on the nose, forehead, cheek, don't be afraid to be a little lovey-dovey and make each other laugh. Laughing photos make the best smiles!

But to sum it all up, when possible, we always recommend at least a small photoshoot before your wedding day with your photographer. You learn so much about each other in the process and you’ll have great momentos that will last a lifetime.

Have any questions about getting your engagement shoot set up? Let us know here! We would love to help!

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