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How Do I Tip My Vendors?

This is a question we see so often, and we know it's a tough topic but it’s definitely something that needs to be talked about. You just spent a whole bunch of money on the services for your wedding and we know it’s a lot but that's just it, the wedding industry is a service industry. And typically, that comes with tipping culture. Now this doesn’t always apply, and many owner-operators don’t expect an extra tip, but there are quite a few circumstances you may not have thought of where a gratuity may indeed apply. In this guide we'll be explaining where it's optional and where it's expected and how much is expected.

Now you’re probably thinking, “So I have to add a little more to the budget AND add something else to my to do list??” Well, as your coordinators we'd be happy to distribute these tokens of appreciation for you! Simply place the tip in a labeled envelope and we will get it to the right person at the appropriate time (usually just before they leave).

If you have any questions on how much or if you should be tipping an individual, let us know! We'd be happy to answer any of your questions. In the meantime, check out this tipping guide below and leave a comment on how this helped!

Wedding Planners: We completely thrive on being your wedding planners. We love our job and don't expect a tip. It's completely optional. We would more than appreciate any token of your appreciation and of course, access to your photos so that we can display them on the 'gram!

Hair and Makeup Artists: When it comes to tipping your hair and makeup artists, this one is typically expected, and sometimes built into your quote from the beginning. Just as you would at a salon, tip 15-25%.

Rental Delivery and Setup Staff: It is not expected but a generous gesture to tip each worker. They are in charge of bringing in all of the heavy duty items. Tip the people who broke a sweat about $10-$20.

Ceremony Officiant: Tipping the person who does the honors (if hired) is typically expected. Tip between $50 - $75.

Ceremony Musician: Tipping the talented musician that puts music to your ceremony is optional. Tip between $25 - $50

Photographer/Videographer: This person is in charge of capturing your whole day and making your memories last for a lifetime! Tipping them is optional but has come to be expected. Tip between $50 - $200 per vendor.

DJ/Entertainment: This person hopefully has had you dancing on your feet all night long! Tipping them is optional but preferred. $25 - $50 per musician; $50 - $150 for DJs

Catering Staff/Bartending Staff: This is usually built into your final invoice so be sure to check before you make the final payment. If it’s not included then tip 15% - 20% of the food and drink fee.

Transportation: This is sometimes built into your final invoice so make sure to double check your contract so as to avoid tipping twice! If it isn’t, plan to tip anyways. Typically tip 15% - 20% of the total bill.

Cake Baker and Florist: These vendors typically don’t receive tips but if you feel like you’d like to thank them for doing an excellent job, a small gift or $15-$25.

Photo booth or other service ad ons: $25-$50

Honorable Mention: Share your photos with your wedding professionals! Seriously, we love to see photos of your big day and share them on our social media and marketing campaigns! Your coordinator can also disperse the images to all affiliate vendors!

If you feel like tipping these amounts is out of your budget, honestly, a nice card with sentiments from the heart goes a long way. I’ve kept every card I’ve been given - they’re so special. And also wine. Or a massage. I’ve even gotten a delicious olive oil that turned into some mean pasta! All this to say that we will love and accept any token of your appreciation. We really just love it when you’re happy at the end of the day. If it’s been your best day ever, we’ve done our job!

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