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How To Make a Shot List

Building a shot list prior to wedding day is so beneficial in so many ways. Let us count the ways:

  • Helps to inform family members to stick around after ceremony for photos

  • Helps keep the group on track

  • Allows for the photographer to make sure they capture every shot that you desire

  • Gives your coordinator a guideline for calling out who’s in the next shot and making sure everyone is ready

  • Helps keep photos running on time after ceremony so that you can hopefully take some time to yourselves or join cocktail hour.

Start with the beginning of the day and work forward!

Detail Shots: What details do you want captured? This should include accessories and momentos that you want memorialized. Stationary, rings, ring boxes, perfume, shoes, watches, lipstick. Be sure to ask your florist for extra florals for an added touch to these photos.

Getting Ready Shots: Some common shots are on the bed with the girls, champagne pops, champagne glass clinks, leg pop, fake makeup application shots, someone helping bride into dress, final touches to bride, final touches to groom.

Bridal Party Shots: You'll want to list out every combination of people that you want photos with. Be sure to list each person's name.

  • Bride with all girls

  • Bride with Mary

  • Bride with Susie (cousin)

  • Bride with Jane (cousin)

  • Bride with cousins (Susie and Jane)

  • Bride with all guys

  • Groom with all guys

  • Etc.

Couple's Portraits: Take a look at Pinterest or our Instagram for inspirational poses that you want your photographer to capture. Save them and send them to your photographer so that they know what you're looking for!

Family Portraits: Similar to bridal party portraits, make sure you're listing everyone by name. Listing by name ensures only those listed get included. Start with the bigger group and remove people/bride/groom as needed. This way people who are no longer needed can join cocktail hour sooner.

  • Bride and Groom with Extended Family (Maria, David, Sally, Molly, Jake, Aunt Carol, Uncle Mario, Cousin Susie, Cousin Jane)

  • Bride and Groom with Bride Immediate Family (Maria, David, Sally, Molly, Jake)

  • Bride with Immediate Family (Maria, David, Sally, Molly Jake)

  • Bride and Groom with Bride Parents (Maria and David)

  • Bride with Bride Parents (Maria and David)

We love helping with the shot list so if any of this confuses you please slide into our DMs and let us know how we can help!

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