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Is A Wedding Without Flowers Possible?

Maybe you’re not a fan of flowers, maybe you love disco balls🪩🪩🪩 and want your whole wedding filled with them and all things ⁠✨ glitzy and glam ⁠✨ - however you decorate your wedding, your style should be indicative of you and your partner’s taste. I always say, design your wedding the way YOU want it to look, not the way you think it should look based off of social media or what your mom thinks it should look like. There are so many ways to decorate your wedding and with the rising price of florals and lack of stock of certain flowers, sometimes you have to get creative in your décor. Over time we’ve seen it all! We’ve done weddings with non floral alternatives that have come out absolutely stunning! On today’s blog we’re providing you with some great inspo for your flowerless wedding. Let’s dive in!

Misha and Tommy got married in beautiful St. Augustine at a venue called “The White Room”. The ceremony space was all white and the reception space had brick walls and a hardwood floor. The perfect backdrop for Misha and Tommy’s beautiful green inspired wedding. Peacock feathers and lanterns were their staple décor. A bouquet of peacock feathers accompanied Misha down the aisle which was lined with fake flower petals and black lanterns with candles inside. Bridesmaids held matching clutches instead of bouquets and the groomsmen had a small peacock feather boutonniere. The triangle arbor (which a family member built!) was decorated with peacock feathers as well. For the cocktail tables and feature tables, gold spray painted bottles had peacock feathers coming out of them. (She even had some placed in the bathrooms to continue the theme!!) The centerpieces consisted of green linens wrapped around the (reused) aisle lanterns, accompanied by gold votives. The best part? The table numbers were large numbered balloons that hung above each table making it so easy to see what table was yours!

🔥HOT TIP!🔥: One alternative to actual flowers is just going all greenery. You can literally do your entire wedding with just greenery - from centerpieces to bouquets! Line your aisles with greenery or tie bushels of greenery with ribbon to your aisle chairs. Add floating candles for some dimension and voila! A greenery filled wedding. ⁠💖

Kacey and Kyle got married at the beautiful Margaritaville, which if you’ve never been there it’s right out of a tropical paradise. For their tropical wedding they did, admittedly, have floral arrangements for their bridal party. That being said, all of their décor? Floral free! Let’s start with their aisle décor - pineapples! They were already getting married at a picturesque location so they had white folding chairs with a large pineapple at every aisle seat with rose petals in between them (also real but faux petals can be an option in some places!). For their centerpieces they used faux tropical leaves and faux tropical flowers. They had white lanterns with a flameless candle inside. Their table numbers were photos of locations they had visited together - each table was named for the location. And to top it off, guess where those aisle pineapples were used?! There were enough to decorate each table, their feature tables, the bar and cocktail hour! Where did the pineapples go after? The guests got to take them home of course!

🔥HOT TIP!🔥: If you’re not using real flowers for your centerpieces, ask if you can set up the night before after rehearsal. It’s a major time saver if you can get it all done the night before! And since nothing needs to stay alive, it’ll be fine sitting there overnight!

Kate and Kris got married at the gorgeous Hyatt Regency on International Drive and for this wedding there were actually no florals at all. She used all faux tropical leaves from Amazon! Kate decorated everything with them, guest tables, feature tables, and she even glued some together to create hanging aisle décor. For the guest tables she started with a black linen topped with a circular mirror in the middle. On top she placed three varying height cylinder vases filled with water and topped with a floating candle. Faux tropical leaves were placed all around and under the vases. Feature tables were decorated similarly and topped with a small table top neon flamingo! For herself and her small bridal party, they got wooden flowers for the bouquets and the boutonnieres. To tie it all together, she surprised her husband with a beautiful tropical leaf filled photobooth “flower” wall. The tropical neon vibe was definitely on point!

🔥HOT TIP!🔥: Still want basic bouquets and boutonnieres? A really popular choice right now is wooden flowers. They look so real and you can paint them any color you can imagine. It’s a great way to have total control over the color of your flowers.

We love how creative these couples were with their décor. Remember, you can pick and choose where you want to dedicate your budget and in the end, if you go with no florals at all, you’ll still make a splash with all of your other splendid décor and no one will be the wiser. Remember, this is YOUR wedding - do it how you want to!

Want to chat more about how you can achieve your dream wedding without flowers? Set up a consultation call with us and let's chat décor!

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