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Rain, Rain Go Away, We Don’t Want Sprinkles on Wedding Day!

Florida has an undeniable and sporadic rainy season to say the least. Often times during these months, rain can come out of nowhere and be gone just as quickly. While this blog is for any couple planning a wedding during rainy season in their state, we’re going to break down Central Florida’s rainy season and give you tips to combat it and be prepared!

For Central Florida, rainy season is from about May 25th to about October 10th ( according to, though if you’ve been in Florida long enough you know to watch out around 3pm any time of year!). During this time daily low temperatures range from in the 70s to around 80°, and high temperatures in the upper 80s to middle 90s. And don’t forget the humidity, this time of year is known for its exceptional stickiness while outdoors.

“The rainy season usually has three phases:

  • Late May through June is the period when severe storms are most likely. Hail, damaging winds, and waterspouts are common, in addition to heavy rainfall and frequent lightning.

  • July through early September is when the rainy season peaks. While the overall threat for severe weather diminishes, heavy rainfall and seasonal river flooding remain significant hazards, along with frequent lightning.

  • Mid-September through early October is the “wind down" phase and tends to have higher rainfall variability due to potential tropical systems and early-fall cold fronts.” (

If you want to decrease your chances of having to deal with rain, mid-October through the end of May would be the safe bet as that is Central Florida’s dry season when it rarely rains… or rains less, at least.

Already set your date during the rainy season? Don’t worry, there’s this thing we like to call “The Wedding Bubble” where nothing bad happens on wedding day (and if something does go wrong, your coordinator will handle it and you will be none the wiser). Like the old lemons to lemonade saying goes- When it rains, we make great photos!

Here’s some tips for weddings during rainy season to help calm any worry you may have. Remember, plan for the worst, hope for the best! In the end, honestly, we’ve seen some amazing rainy wedding day photos - it adds a touch of magic!!

  • Always have a rain back up plan and make sure you’re satisfied with the plan if it has to happen.

    • If you are planning and outdoor reception, spending the extra money to have a tent placed will never be something you regret! Your guests will appreciate the shade and if in the event of rain during ceremony, you can always move your ceremony into the covered reception area at the last minute. This way it’s ready to go for reception and can be used as a backup for ceremony.

    • Alternatively, you can put a hold on a tent for both your reception and ceremony and watch the weather in the week leading up to your wedding. If it’s looking like it might rain, have the tent installed. Even if it ends up not raining, at least you have coverage.

  • Get a pair of cute umbrellas! We love these clear ones from Amazon. You can even buy them in bulk for your wedding party and guests. We promise they look much better than a purple and green spotted umbrella with a huge logo on it.

  • Embrace the rain - it could make for some amazing photos!

  • If you don’t have a planner, assign some people to move things around just in case of a quick shower. Make sure they’re aware that they may need your help before wedding day. (But we know you’ll have a planner 😉, so this will all be taken care of!)

  • Assume there will be at least some sprinkles at some point in the day and even the smallest sprinkle could mean an increase in humidity. This is important to note because it affects all different aspects of your wedding - your curls might frizz, your makeup might melt (all avoidable with the right hair and makeup artist and products), photos could feel longer with the raise in temperature (have a cool backup location for family photos!), and making sure your guests stay cool (see next bullet point).

  • Program Fans! If you are having ceremony programs, consider turning them into fans that your guests can use throughout the day and evening. You can also give other fans or water bottles with personalized labels out as favors before ceremony begins, that way your guests are cool during your ceremony. Lots of two for one options here!

  • Rainy Season means Hot Season

    • Try to plan for an air conditioned place for you and your wedding party to get ready in

    • Ask your makeup artist if they’re going to be bringing a setting spray to make sure your makeup doesn’t melt! Also talking with your MUA about your days expectations will help decide what type and how much product you may need to look stunning all evening long.

    • Ask your venue if there is a space where your family and friends can gather in the air conditioning if they are arriving early.

    • A refreshing welcome drink at the entrance to your ceremony and ice cold little water bottles are always nice for guests as they’re arriving and waiting for the festivities to begin, especially if your ceremony is outside.

  • Make sure vendors and electronics have a planned, covered space to be safe from the rain. The last thing you want is your DJ’s equipment to get rained on!

  • My Radar is an amazing app that you can download to you and your family’s phones. It gives you about a 20-30 minute heads up on when rain and severe weather is headed your way. You can also see where there will be pockets of no rain and you can make a plan to delay or move up your ceremony time. Dark Sky is another app that’s popular for tracking weather.

Planning your wedding during rainy season just requires a little bit of back up planning but we promise in the end it will be a memorable day for all. Also, you know what they say, “Rain on a wedding day brings good luck!” All the Seas Your Day founders had rain on their wedding day! Christina’s and Chelsea’s had a little sprinkle right in the middle ceremony, while Aubrey and Carl had a sideways monsoon roll in during their first look. The only outcome was a couple extra fun stories we all tell, and some super cute umbrella photos.

Tell us in the comments if your date is during rainy season, and what plans you have in place! If you have any questions or need more ideas on how to plan for a rainy day, schedule a consultation call with us and let’s talk back up plans!

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