Should I Trash the Dress and The Suit?

Should I trash the dress?

I spent so much money on it, does it get ruined?

What does trashing the dress even mean??

Chelsea Nicole Photography

If you have asked any of these questions, well this blog is for you. Check out these two Trash The Dress stories below and see how you can have some epic, not so clean or dry photoshoots, but still have an immaculate dress afterwards…. Or not! Either way, we love these stories almost as much as we love these photos!!! 😍

So there's a lot of polarizing information out there, a lot of negative blogs about why you shouldn't trash the dress. Today, I wanted to bring you two experiences that were nothing but positive. Aubrey (Seas Your Day Events' Grand Party Overlord) and bride Shauna Vaughan both did very different “Trash The Dress” shoots. Aubrey and her Hubs are water babies so theirs was all about the lake-life they love so much while Shauna's Hubs is a fireman so their shoot was hottttttttt and spicy! Aubrey got INTO the water for an Orlando Lake Trash the Dress option and soaked the dress down!! While Shauna got dirty and dusty in the Las Vegas Boneyards while giving an amazing nod to their climbing and canyoneering hobbies.

Castaldo Studio

There are so many ways to do fun photoshoots in your dress and give it a second life. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to totally ruin your dress in order to have a fun Trash the Dress shoot. Aubrey's came out cleaner than her wedding day and Shauna's was able to be cleaned and preserved. I interviewed both ladies and have shared their answers below. Aubrey is in blue and Shauna is in red. Enjoy!

What made you decide to trash the dress?

Aubrey: “A couple of reasons, the Hubs surprised me with a photographer for the actual engagement. So we got lots of photos from that day (of me in my finest neon green sweatpants!) and we aren’t really the “pose pretty” type of people. He proposed on our boat, we got married on the lake, so it just seemed fitting to do a the trash the dress in the water. Our photography package included an engagement session, and since we'd already had the engagement covered, Castaldo was more than happy to do a post wedding session!”

Shauna: “At one point in my planning I was thinking about a vintage Vegas theme in Las Vegas since that’s where we got engaged. When I was searching I found Chelsea’s photos of other trash the dress shoots that she did and I knew right away that I was going to hire her and do one. She is based out of Vegas, insanely talented and I knew I wanted to hire her immediately — and I truly had nothing else figured out. She was the first decision I made for our wedding planning. Aside from deciding to marry Dustin of course.”

When planning a Trash The Dress, how did you find the photographer?

Aubrey: “Our venue recommended a few photographers and I loved Costaldo’s style. I still scoured the Knot for comparisons and we talked to a couple different options. I was just obsessed with the way Costaldo captured colors and light.”

Shauna: “I found her before I found anything else. Before the dress. Before anything.”

Shauna had love at first sight with her photographer, and we LOVE it when couples vibe that well with their vendors. It’s so important to help create the exact image you have in your head when it comes to how your photos look.


There are two options for finding a photographer to do your TTD shoot. You can either go with your wedding photographer or you can find someone completely different.

Pros of using the same photographer:

  • You’re comfortable with them and you already know how to work together. They can pose you, joke around with you, and you’ll be comfortable getting intimate in front of them because they were already there for your most intimate moments during your wedding.

  • There’s some continuity between the edits from your wedding album and your TTD shoot.

Pros of using a new photographer:

  • You get a whole new outlook on you and your hubby’s look and you get a whole new styled portrait series

  • You get to get comfortable with a whole new photographer who may pose you differently than your wedding photographer, giving a whole variety of photo appeals!!

Chelsea Nicole Photography

Did you have any feedback from the hubs about getting on board for yet another photoshoot?

Aubrey: “Our shoot was super fun; out on the boat, all around the lake, jumping into the water. It’s all stuff we love doing anyways so it wasn’t too painful. I think by the 6th or 7th boat jump Hubs was a little over the reenactment… but the pics were worth it!! I’m pretty sure we like our TTD shots better than actual wedding day. Also, BECAUSE WE ARE DUMMIES and didn’t hire a full day-of coordinator, we missed our “tie-the-knot” ceremony we wanted to do because no one asked us specifically for our timeline details. So having this shoot allowed us to recreate that moment.”

A collective Seas Your Day team GASP!! Tsk, tsk Aubrey! Luckily she knows better now and gets to help so many couples avoid the same mistakes!

Shauna: “He didn’t really care either way. I am blessed because he likes to make me happy. (Insert our girly awe here!!) (heart emoji) The one caveat was that there was an idea floated around about doing something with grease and he vetoed that idea. Too messy for his OCD tendencies. Haha!”

How funny when the bride is the one who wants to get dirty, but the groom doesn’t want to mess up the money maker! How the tables have turned!!