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The Pros of an All Inclusive Wedding Package

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

You’re looking for a venue and you come across a venue with an all inclusive package. You have some concerns about the quality of vendors, the price of the package, the amount of support you’ll get… We’re here to help you realize that an all inclusive package actually works in your favor! We have 9 reasons why an all inclusive package works well for couples wanting to stay on budget and get the best out of their vendors.

  • You get a vetted network of vendors so you don’t have to do a ton of research.

    • A lot of research goes into choosing the vendors for an all inclusive wedding package. Package organizers spend countless hours doing their research, working with these vendors over multiple events, and gathering all of the pricing and contract information to make sure that their package vendors are top notch. You will only get the best in the business.

  • You know that you won’t go over your budget

    • Packages are sold at a set price with room to customize based on your guest count and menu choices of course. You won’t go over your budget for those set items.

    • W E D D I N G T I P

      • Make sure to plan into your budget room for personal items that don’t typically come with the package like outfits, personal décor, décor other than floral arrangements, DJ add ons, and additional activities (photo booth, champagne wall, bounce house)

  • You get the full support of wedding planners

    • Most packages come with a dedicated wedding planner. Say goodbye to wedding planning stress as your wedding planner does all the heavy lifting for you - you just have to decide A or B.

    • W E D D I N G T I P

      • Check and see what inclusions your planner covers. You want to make sure your whole day from prep to breakdown is worked into your planner’s duties.

  • You know that the vendors have worked well together in the past

    • These vendors have probably worked many weddings together already, in all of the combinations possible and know how each other works. They have become a well oiled machine and a well oiled machine is great news for you.

  • Vendors are familiar with the venue

    • This means that your DJ knows where to plug in, your florist knows where to set up for ceremony, your caterer is familiar with the kitchen space, your photographer knows all the good photo op spots, and your wedding planner knows the ins and outs of the venue (which is great when you’re making sure you don’t see your partner before ceremony or first look).

  • It can be most cost effective.

    • Sometimes vendors give discounts to their all inclusive clients. It doesn’t always happen but sometimes you actually come out on top!

  • You can customize your package and still stay within the budget and still get complete control over your big day. Oftentimes packages will have more than one vendor option so you can customize your day.

    • All inclusive packages still give you the opportunity to choose your vendors. That means that you’re not set on only that light and airy photographer or with that one caterer you weren’t a fan of their mashed potatoes. You still get to pick the vendors that fall into your style.

  • You can focus on the fun parts - picking your outfits, writing your vows, having your bachelor and bachelorette parties.

    • With all of the tough decisions easily displayed for easy choosing, you will have so much more time to enjoy the fun parts of wedding planning. You won’t need to stress over doing all of the research, comparing and contrasting over which vendor to choose. Sit back, relax, and count down to wedding day!

  • Nobody is missing from the party.

    • With an all inclusive wedding you can ensure that each essential part of orchestrating a wedding has been included so you know everything will be taken care of. DJ? - Check. Photographer? - Check. Caterer? - Check. Hair and Makeup? - Check. etc etc.

If you haven’t heard already, we’re launching an all inclusive package. Schedule a consult call today to hear more about our all inclusive package with some amazing vendors that we love to work with!

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