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Things to Expect from Your Seas Your Day Events Wedding Coordinator

  • My parents said that at the end of their wedding night they were sober, thirsty and hungry. With Seas Your Day Events that will never happen! It is a high priority for us to make sure that you are well hydrated and fed during your wedding day. After all, you chose the food and drinks for your special day. You should be able to enjoy them too!

  • We offer a high level of organization for our couples. We break down your day down to the minute so that there are no surprises. We’ve been around the block a few times so we can anticipate the pain points that haven’t happened yet and a game plan for what to do when they do happen.

  • We reach out to each vendor that you have chosen to gather as many details as possible for your big day. We also coordinate with your vendors to make sure that we know what time they will be arriving and what they might need from us or you long before wedding day.

  • Rehearsals can be a confusing but exciting time for all those involved. Most guests might not even know what all is involved in the ceremony. We’re there to help clear up all those questions and make sure that everyone is clear on their role so there are no hiccups the next day. And if someone forgets their role on day of, we’ll be there with a gentle reminder and nudge.

  • 9pm at night and have questions or ideas? Shoot us a message and we’ll reply as soon as possible with an answer or solution. We are there for you any time during this process. We want to make sure all your needs, wants and desires are addressed. It’s your day! Let’s make it happen!

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