Tips for Perfect Photos on Your Wedding Day

Your photographer probably has most of these tips down pat but if not, here’s some things to remember and incorporate into your day (and your timeline!).

  • If you’re planning on doing “getting ready” photos in the bridal suite CLEAN AS YOU GO! That way you’re not rushing to keep the area clean right before the photographer arrives. Designate your bridesmaids to do this job.

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  • Do a first look! This is a perfect, special moment and photo opportunity with just you and your partner. It’s a moment to take a breath together before the wild, crazy day starts. It’s also a chance to capture some of your couple's portraits which means you can probably join your cocktail hour before it ends. Also, captured moments like the one below are priceless!!

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  • Tell your officiant to move to the side during your first kiss. That way there’s no one behind you during this special moment and you have uninterrupted photos.

  • Get a bridesmaid (or better yet, your coordinator!!) to be in charge of fluffing your dress. If your coordinator does this, then your bridesmaids just have to worry about being in photos. We love this part of our job so please, let us help you!

  • Write out a photo list of all of the combinations of photos you need during your post ceremony photo session. Give this to your photographer and your coordinator well before wedding day. Inform those family members that will be in these photos that they will need to be present and ready to go during this time that way nobody needs to be hunted down.

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  • Schedule your portraits at golden hour and work backwards and forwards from there on your timeline.

  • Do a reception room reveal! It’s so fun! You get uninterrupted photos of you and all of your hard work. It’s also a special moment for you and your spouse to have a private first dance if you want private photos.

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Go over all of these with your photographer and coordinator so that everyone is on the same page. Your pictures will last you forever so make them count!

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