What Do I Need to Pack for My Wedding?

Updated: Oct 19

The well curated list you are about to set your eyes on is cultivated from combined years of experience not only coordinating weddings but also hosting weddings ourselves. Did you know that we have hosted three weddings within the SYD family? This list gives you insight into some of the things we totally forgot on OUR OWN wedding days. Some of these things we (as your coordinators) actually have on hand on your wedding day - each of our couples have full access to our emergency kit which has way more things than you’ll ever need. Anyways, print this out, give it to your bridal party, your mom, whoever is helping you gather all the things together. We hope you find this useful!

Packing List For the Bride

Remain Photography

  • Getting Ready Outfit

  • If you’re using a robe, what are you wearing underneath it? (Those robes are cute, but hot dang are they useless in the coverage-of-the-goodies department!)

  • Ceremony outfit

  • The right underwear and bra

  • Shoes

  • Reception outfit

  • Are you changing into a reception outfit? Do you need different undergarments? Different shoes? Don’t forget socks if your shoes need them!

  • Jewelry

  • Your jewelry for the big day

  • If you’re changing into a reception outfit, do you need to change jewelry?

  • Your engagement ring

  • ⁠🔥HOT TIP⁠🔥- Get it cleaned!! You’ll want it bright and shiny for your wedding day photos.

  • Hair

  • Back-up hair spray for touch ups once hair and makeup leave

  • Hair extensions if you’re using them - Don’t forget to pull them out at the BEGINNING of your appointment. Monica was so excited she forgot about her extensions until the very end. It worked out and they were able to add the pieces.

  • Spare bobby pins

  • Face

  • Makeup wipes! - I know you’re probably not doing your own makeup so I promise you they will have layered on the good stuff to make you look flawless. Don’t do what I did and forget the heavy duty makeup wipes. True story: Monica resorted to her own lucky bottle of micellar water and TOILET PAPER. It wasn’t pretty… and it took forever.

  • Tweezers - you never know when an unruly hair will sprout. Snag it fast!

  • Your personal lipstick - remember, your makeup artist will not be with you to touch up your lipstick throughout the night and they may take the color with them, leaving you with nothing to touch up with. We recommend buying your own special lipstick that you can carry with you throughout the night.

  • ⁠🔥MONICA’S HOT TIP⁠🔥 - "Looking for a lipstick that won’t smudge, fade, or smear with all that smooching you’re going to be doing? I have spent YEARS (like a decade, I kid you not) looking for a smudge proof lipstick because I love wearing lipstick and if it's not a stain somehow it always ends up on my forehead. The best smudge proof lipstick I can recommend is Chanel's Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue. I have almost every shade and you can put it on at 10am and not have to reapply until evening unless you have a really greasy sloppy burger. I have put it to the test! You'll probably need a quick touch up after dinner but I guarantee you it will withstand all the kissing and smiling you'll be doing. It's 100% worth the money and will look super pretty in your detail shots as well. To remove, just hold makeup remover to it for like 30 seconds to let it soak then it will come right off! - just a shameless plug for my favorite lipstick. (: "

Lindsey Alaine Photography

  • Toiletries

  • Deodorant

  • Perfume - Have a fancy bottle? Add this to your detail shot item basket for your photographer to use!

  • Lotion (or Goldbond Spray for the opposite effect… it’s Florida. We know the thigh chafe!)

  • Hair brush - (Another personal Monica blunder AND Aubrey too!) Don’t make this mistake or you’ll be running your hands through your hair all weekend. Thank goodness for conditioner.

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

  • Razor


For the Groom

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Getting Ready Outfit:

  • Guys take significantly less time to get ready than the girls. Why not get them an outfit they can hang out in until they’re ready to put on that suit? They might be photographed in this “other outfit”. Maybe this is a good moment for a matching t-shirt?

Wedding Outfit:

  • Tux, Suit, Jacket and Pants. Whatever you are donning at the altar, make sure you have all the pieces!

  • Undershirt - Try this on!!!! And tell your groomsmen to do the same. At Aubrey’s wedding, one of the groomsmen didn't realize he had the WRONG SHIRT. Luckily, the men had a little extra time and could run out for a spare that at least had the same buttons.. smh.

  • Underwear - or not. Do you.

  • Tie / Bow Tie - and whatever YouTube video you need to tie it in that fancy loop and shwoop you like. Aubrey’s husband had a perfectly crafted bow-tie knot handled prior to wedding day and planned on showing all the groomsmen. What he did not anticipate was the wedding day jitters causing him to lose every ounce of that knowledge. YouTube. Save it. Send it to the best man. You won’t regret it.

  • Pocket square - Practice that fold and make sure it sits where you want it in your jacket!

  • Suspenders - At Christina and Chelsea’s wedding a set of suspenders were forgotten! Luckily a quick store run was able to fix the problem!