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How Can My Family Be Involved?

We know you want to include everyone in your wedding and we also know that there are limited roles that can be played. Got that aunt that wants to be involved but don’t really have a particular role for her? We’ve got you covered. Got some kids who are too old to be a flower girl or ring bearer but too young to be part of the bridal party? We’ve got something for them too! We’re dishing out 16 ways to get your family involved in the littlest to the biggest ways. There’s something for everyone on this list! Read on!

  • Schedule Maker for All Bridal Party and Family Members - Want each VIP to have their own schedule? Ask someone to make a schedule for each member of the bridal party and family so that they know where to be and when. Need to give them more tasks? Ask them to laminate and hand out to each VIP.

  • Ushers - Ushers aren’t as typical at many weddings as of late, typically because the traditional dedicated seating has gotten much more flexible, but if you need someone to have a job, usher could be the way to go. They escort guests to their seats based on if they are there for the bride or groom, or they could just be friendly faces greeting guests and answering any questions that may pop up.

  • Gift Gatherer - Want to make sure all of your gifts get to you? Have someone collect all of the cards and bulky gifts (there’s always one!) and store them in a safe place once reception starts.

  • Family Portrait Gatherer/ Shot List Handler - If you don’t assign anyone anything BE SURE TO ASSIGN THIS ROLE!!! We never do all caps or multiple exclamation points but this is a big one! Assigning someone or a pair of people who know all of the family members on both sides AND all of the other individuals on your shot list will help immensely when it comes time to gather people for family photos. Consider assigning someone who is at the end of the shot list or not in too many photos so that they can be free to run around finding people. One of our brides assigned a friend and introduced them to everyone the night before during the rehearsal dinner.

  • Tip Distributer - The wedding industry is a service industry and typically that means tipping. Click here for our tipping guide! While we are more than happy to hand out tips for you if you’d like to assign a guest, advise them to hand out tips at the beginning of the night, especially if you have vendors who aren’t staying for the whole event.

  • Favor/Program/Confetti Distributor - This can be a great job for a child that’s too old to be a flower girl or ring bearer but old enough to not be shy when handing out these items. (Psst, a coordinator can do this for you too!)

  • Invite them to get ready with you and reserve a seat up front for them - This little gesture of honor means so much to your guests!

  • Ask them to perform the ceremony - Know someone who isn’t afraid to speak in front of a crowd? Ask them to do you the honor of marrying you! They can get “ordained” here or become a florida notary!

  • Give them a reading - Have a favorite lyric, poem, or excerpt? Ask your loved one to give a reading during your ceremony.

  • Ring Bearer - A job typically given to the littlest, cutest of boy(s) but this job can be done by anyone!

  • Flower Girl (woman, man, grandma) - Flower throwers are not limited to little girls anymore. Anyone can shower the aisle with flowers! We’ve seen some pretty hilarious flower men out there!

  • Something Blue - Sometimes there are so many important people in our lives that we can't possibly include them ALL into our bridal parties. A new tradition some couples are embracing is the Something Blue Crew. This is for those special friends or family who aren’t able to be part of your wedding party for some reason or another. Couples are asking these special guests to either wear a gifted piece of blue jewelry or blue clothing to symbolize their “Something Blue”. This is such a great way to include important members of your inner circle! Be sure to add your "Something Blue Crew" to your shot list too so that you get a good photo with them. Weddings are a great time to customize old traditions and make them new and suitable for your big day!

  • Sign as witness - Though not necessary in some states, this is a huge honor for anyone you ask to contribute.

  • Help complete DIY projects - Have a bunch of DIY projects? Buy some beer/wine, order a pizza, and invite your friends over to help you complete them!

  • Have a luncheon or brunch before or after the wedding - Got guests coming in from out of town but don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to visiting with them? Invite them all to one place for a luncheon before or after the wedding.

  • Ask them to help gather addresses/rsvps - Got an aunt with a lot of opinions about your decor? Ask her to help you gather addresses and RSVPs. That should keep her busy for a while.

  • Make sure they're on the shot list - There’s no better way to make someone feel included then by including them in your shot list. It tells them that you want them memorialized in your wedding photos.

Wherever you decide to include people just remember, you get to choose who you want involved in your wedding at the end of the day. Choose people who mean the world to you and who are in complete support of your marriage. The people who surround you on your wedding day set the tone for the day so make sure you pick people you love! Need more ideas? Send us a dm and let's chat.

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