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Why Do I Need A Wedding Planner?

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

It's blog day!! What does that mean for you? It means you are going to get an inside scoop on all sorts of tips, tricks, and reasons why you deserve to have a wedding planner be by your side for your big day. Skeptical? We get it. The number one worry we hear from couples considering hiring a wedding planner or day-of-coordinator is that they fear that they will lose control of their big day. This is FAR from the truth. We are your planning and execution brain on your wedding day (when you’re too busy getting married to do things like worry about vendors and logistics). We will be your personal problem solver there to keep the pieces together so you can enjoy yourself, and your late night brainstorm buddy in the planning process for questions about anything from seating charts to bar set-ups. Basically, we are whatever you need us to be. Here is a list of some of the fan-favorite reasons why our couples tell us hiring a wedding planner was the way to go:

  • So that your guests aren’t doing the decorating… or the un-decorating - Without a planner this responsibility typically falls to those closest to you, because they know you best and want to help give you exactly what you want. Those few hours before your ceremony go by so fast, and we want you to enjoy every minute with your closest friends and family. Your coordinator will have all the exact details and ensure that it’s done exactly to your dream specifications!

  • So that your bridal party and family can enjoy themselves - Typically, and many times accidentally, a lot of responsibilities will fall to your bridal party or parents. We ensure that your maid of honor, best man, parents and grandparents can focus on the most important part of the day - standing by your side at the altar and making sure you look good doing it. We’ve got your back for the rest of the night so your people can enjoy cocktail hour while your freshly married selves get those couple photos done!

  • Someone to help create a detailed timeline and help you stick to it. - We adore creating timelines. We could do it all day. Allow us to download all of our experience into your night and let it run smoothly. We will help measure how long bridal portraits, getting ready pictures, and first looks will take. We can help you choose the best time for speeches and for cake cutting. We can also be a friendly reminder on the day-of that it’s time to move on to the next activity so no photos get missed, you get to see all your guests, and maybe even enjoy a minute alone with your newly wedded BFF!! The last thing we want you to worry about is checking your clock, so allow us to keep track of the time and get you where you need to be and when!

  • Someone to check in your vendors and make sure that they have power and all of the things they need. - Picture this: It’s 2 hours until the ceremony. The finishing touches are going on hair and makeup, boutonnieres are getting pinned, you are maybe getting ready for the first look, or to greet your parents and…

    • the DJ calls asking about where the power outlets are

    • someone realizes the caterer hasn’t started setting up yet

    • and the florist accidentally put the wrong address in and is running late.

Does this happen all the time? Gosh no….. But when something goes awry, the last thing we want is for you to bear the stress and miss out on even one minute of that first look, or pre nuptial hugs with your loved ones. Allow us to manage your wedding day team of vendors, and handle anything that comes up.

  • Someone to coordinate your grand exit - What’s the best part of your grand exit? The GRANDness of it, with you and your love right in the middle, for that epic night-end photo capping off the Best. Night. Ever! Whether it’s holding a fiery tunnel of sparklers or setting up a light-saber salute, we want to make sure not one ounce of grandness is lost on this magical moment.

  • Someone to break down at the end of the night - The DJ’s played the last song, the cake has been reduced to delicious crumbles, and there all the tables covered in the beautiful centerpieces you both designed and personalized. The card box is full with gits and well wishes, and maybe you were able to supply your own alcohol for the bar. Just like how we want you, your family and friends to enjoy those precious moments before the ceremony, we want you to relax after it’s all done. So hang back and chat to some lingering guests, hop in your ride on the way to the hotel, or head out to that after party! Your planner has all your essentials tucked in the right places awaiting your attention tomorrow. We will put everything back into your organized boxes, wrapped up neatly with care and place them in your designated person’s car and you won’t have to lift a finger… and neither will your guests. Who wants to clean up after a night of partying? Not you!

Stay tuned for more reasons why you should hire a planner in Part II next week!

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