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Designed with Details - A Chic, Timeless and Floral Orlando Wedding

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Photographer for all featured photos: Shelbi DeMartino

There are many types of couples that come to us for wedding help. Many times, it’s couples that are overwhelmed and are looking for a lifeline to help design their dream day. Other times it is the complete opposite. Some couples know EXACTLY what they want, with a fully flushed out vision with the details down to the color of their shoelaces to boot. They just need help taking that beautiful brain child and making it a reality. From day one, Amanda and James definitely fell into the second category. From full florals to beautiful venue views, they shared their vows on an incredible Orlando day and had a blast deciding every detail that led to that point. They had some specific details they knew they needed to begin the planning process:

  • Burgundy Tuxedo

  • Black Tie Formal

  • Modern Theme with Many Floral Accents

So how do you take this vision and use it to work with your planner to make your dream a reality? Amanda and James began with a well-curated Pinterest board which was a tremendous help to visually see iterations of these ideas.

First stop: Venue Decisions

“This was the hardest decision to make, hands down. For us, the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress had everything we wanted. They have a thoughtful ceremony space, a beautiful ballroom (floor to ceiling windows, modern, staircase entrance!) and full service package. It was so nice to knock out the venue plus catering and cake all in one place. We were sold instantly!”

Second stop: Picking a Coordinator

This seems like a no brainer, but with all these details you need the right kind of backup! You need someone who cares about your details even more than you do, because day-of they will be the ones helping them come to life.

What did Amanda and James have to say about how they made their decision?

“It sounds crazy but other companies we interviewed put limits on amount of meetings we could

have, which wasn’t the relationship we were looking for. From our initial meeting with Seas Your Day, we clicked and felt understood right away with our vision and expectations. We wanted a

true partnership with someone we could ask any question to at any time and Chelsea was adamant that she was that person. We truly got that with Seas Your Day.”

Third Stop: Picking the RIGHT Details

Hear us out. All details are important, but some definitely are more important than others. For example, if the groom walks down the aisle with an amazing suit jacket, perfect tie, but someone allowed him to wear board shorts to a black tie event… you see how that detail might have been more important than needing beige or dark beige for the bathroom napkins. You need to prioritize the details so you don’t stress over something that won’t make a difference in retrospect. Most importantly, you have a team for a reason! Don’t stress, because the right vendors won’t let you fail.

“The only thing I stressed over continuously was just second guessing our decisions. Were we

doing enough? Is there enough décor? Will it all actually come together? The answer was

always yes. Trust your vendors, trust your planner, and trust your gut. It turned out amazing and

I didn’t need to be so worried about it!”

Those are the first three stops on your journey. As for Amanda and James, these are the details and advice they had for all the future newlyweds out there!

  1. Hire a wedding planner, and use them! There are seriously no cons to it. Having someone other than just you two that knows every detail will relieve so much stress on the day of. When everyone else is running around, the couple really gets to just sit back and be told where to be and when. Even if something comes up, trust your planner to take care of it. It’s magic!

  2. Try not to get overwhelmed with planning the theme, start with the big picture. Do you want the day to be formal, casual, black tie? That will help determine venue. Venue will determine the date. Then the rest of the specifics will fall into place. You also don’t have to make decisions right away, and you are always able to change your mind, it’s your day!

  3. Hire the right vendors for you. Go to a few wedding expos to scout options and meet people in person. From there, remember you are hiring them so your first meeting is an interview and you’re not obligated to hire the first person or company you meet. Go with who you connect with most as a couple, and be firm on your budget. Good vendors will work within your full expectations.

What was their favorite part of the day?

“Besides finally getting married, the reception reveal was one of our favorite moments. We got married at sunset so being able to see our room in the daylight, empty, in all its beauty was so amazing. Most of the planning and hard work goes into the reception space so it meant a lot to us to see everything we planned finally put together.”


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