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Flowers to Decorate Your Wedding Day

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Florals can bring together a whole wedding theme or add a little touch of magic and a pop of color to an already eventful backdrop. We know that booking a florist can be a really tough decision and an important one. With the influx of weddings for the 2022-2023 season due to Covid cancellations, the demand for flowers is up and florists are busier than ever! As a word of warning, this means prices are also up. Here are some tips on how to pick a florist!

  • Source your photographer, planner, and/or venue for their trusted referral list.

  • Pinterest it up! Look at galleries and Instagram photos of different florist’s work! Save photos of arrangements that you like so that you can show your potential florist which parts of which arrangements you like best. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to find the perfect photo of the arrangement you want - you can pull from multiple photos and styles and make it your own!

  • Create a list of all of the different arrangements and accessories you will need. For example, how many:

    • Boutonnieres

    • Wristlets

    • Bouquets

    • Aisle décor items

    • Feature Table Décor

    • Centerpieces

    • Arbor Sprays (the beautiful arrangements that go on your arbor)

    • Welcome sign décor

This will help your potential florist give you an accurate estimate.

⁠✨W E D D I N G T I P⁠✨

Talk to your florist about different ways to repurpose your ceremony florals for your reception:

Arbor Sprays → Sweetheart table or head table décor

Bridesmaid bouquets → Centerpieces

Aisle Décor → feature table and bar décor

Photographer: Jeny Roc Photography

  • Ask your florist for seasonal recommendations. Flowers not in season will cost you more than flowers that are in abundance during your season.

  • Decide on the overall theme of your day, then ask your florist for flowers that will compliment that vision!

  • Get multiple quotes! The same arrangement can cost different amounts at different shops. This can be due to a number of factors such as sourcing, labor costs, and delivery fees.

  • If a particular flower type comes back more expensive than meets your budget, try asking for a similar flower of the same shape and color. There are many ways to achieve the style of bouquet you are dreaming of with dashes of colors from less expensive flowers, and then showcasing the larger, more extravagant flowers you are in love with.

  • Did you know that the shape of your dress can dictate the shape of your bouquet so that they compliment each other? Here’s an awesome article about all of the shapes and their corresponding bouquets.

  • During your meeting don’t forget to ask about:

    • Floral flat lays for detail shots

      • Detail shots are photos your photographer takes of details such as accessories, perfumes, invitation suites, and shoes. Small samples of your florals can add a special touch to these photographs. Try and schedule your florist to arrive around the same time as your photographer so that they can get together for this photo opportunity!

    • Delivery charge and set up fees. These kinds of fees are a standard practice for any of your vendors that are bringing items in and setting them up!

    • How long do they need to set up? Usually, at a minimum, florists need about 2 hours to set up simple displays but more complex displays could take up to 4-5 hours. It will really depend on your vision and the size and number of arrangements to fit it.

⁠✨W E D D I N G T I P⁠✨

Go straight to the source! For my wedding, I am doing nothing but orchids and greenery so my florist suggested buying orchid plants directly from an orchid farm (my mom loves orchids so she’s keeping all of the plants) at a fraction of the cost that he would have to charge me for, and he would provide the greenery.

However you decide to do your florals, we know that they will for sure make a splash in all of your wedding memories. Remember, your wedding is a reflection of you and your fiancé's personal aesthetic. Make sure your florals depict that vibe too!

Need inspiration or just someone to help you hone in your vision? Schedule your consultation call with us now to discuss your day!

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