The Amazing Cona Studios!

I recently got the amazing opportunity to sit down with the awesome husband wife team, Tony and Jenn Laiacona from Cona Studios. We chatted, over some delicious burgers and bevvies, about their company, history, family and a little bit about their personal lives.

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Laiacona Studios, newly branded “Cona Studios” began December 17th, 2011 when Tony shot his first wedding. It’s also serendipitously the same day of Tony and Jenn’s first date - Don’t worry, they went out after the wedding, not during ⁠😉. You could say that the rest is history. We’re going to dive into their business history, a little bit about their amazing working and personal relationship, and get you all the information you need to work with this stellar husband-wife team!

Let’s go way back to the beginning. How did you get started in photography? Were you born with a camera in your hand or was it a slow burn?

Tony: Definitely a slow burn. My dad always had cameras around the house but I really started playing with them in high school during art class. The school had cameras available but since we had some at home, I just borrowed my dad’s. I started out doing graphic design work but realized I needed pictures to supplement those designs, so I started taking the pictures myself.

Dreamscape Photography

Chelsea Arthur (SYD) on Tony's Camera ⁠😉

Did you start with weddings or did you enter the career photographing other things?

Tony: I was volunteered to shoot a family friend’s wedding. It was 20 people on the beach and it ended pretty early. Jenn and I actually ended up going on our first date that same day after the wedding.

And so began Laiacona Photography and Design…and a beautiful relationship, might I add.

Tony is the man behind the camera and the editing but what role does Jenn play?

Jenn: I try to make sure that all Tony has to worry about is shooting, editing and designing. I take care of finances, communications, marketing, social media, client experience, scheduling, research, contracts, and sales.

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Most times, if you’re talking to someone about the logistics of your services you will be talking to Jenn. If you’re talking about the creative side of things and getting to know your photographer, you’ll be talking to Tony. But I can tell you, both of them are so fun to work with and get to know, you’ll be smiling the whole time!

Do you love working together as a couple?

Jenn: Tony is very right brained and I’m very left brained and sometimes that can make for a difference in opinion, it’s natural, but we always work it out because in the end we both want what’s best for the company.

Tony: Yes, Jenn said it right! We always work it out and compromise because we want what’s best for the company and our family.

Any fun hobbies you enjoy in your spare time?

Tony: We love to travel, eat & drink and spend time with family.

Jenn: We definitely love spending time with family and value experiences above all.

How do you balance family life and work life, especially because you work together?

Tony: We have a great support system!

Jenn: Yes, we have a village! We have grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great grandparents that love on our kids so much. They support our work fully!

Dreamscape Photography

What would you say your editing style could be described as?

Jenn: I would describe his editing style as natural, bright, timeless, and true to color.

Tony: Yes, what she said. ⁠😃

How do you make couples feel comfortable in front of the camera?