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Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner - PART TWO!!

We know that trusting someone with your hopes and dreams for the biggest day of your life so far can be scary. But trust us when we say that it is an absolute honor to make your dreams come true!

This day is super important for you!! That’s why we strive to make it the most relaxing, rewarding and memorable experience possible. We know how much time, money, and emotion you two have invested into this wedding and we do not take our jobs lightly. Need more reasons to hire a wedding planner? We didn’t think so, but we did tell you we were going to be pumping out all the tips this month, and we always stay true to our word. So your Wedding-Day-Dream-Team is here with another TEN reasons why you will love your wedding planner.

  • You Will be 12 out of 10 Picture Perfect

    • We know that in that moment right before you walk down the aisle, all eyes will be on you. Trust us to make sure you look picture perfect for your big moment. We’ll make sure your train is perfectly laid out or that your pocket square hasn’t disappeared.

  • Professional Dress Bustle-r

    • This may seem like a silly-bananas thing to outline, but picture this. You’ve just finished up with couples portraits and are taking a breather before joining cocktail hour or reception. It’s just you and your partner. The photographers have run out to go capture the reception and your bridal party and family have joined cocktail hour. Your partner has zero clue what you even mean when you say “Can you bustle my dress? It has 7 bustle points secretly hidden so that only super-vision and microscopic dexterity can find them” ENTER: Wedding Planner. We’ve done dozens of bustles. So many that we can do a new one on the fly. We got you!!

      • Pro Tip: Videotape your dress being bustled at your last dress fitting so that you can refer back to it later, just in case!

  • You already paid for the drinks and the food. Let us bring them to you.

    • A bride or groom should never wait in line at the bar or buffet. Never. A Seas Your Day wedding planner will know your specific drink and food order before your wedding day even happens. Your dinner and drink(s) of choice will be at your table as soon as you finish your first dance. We’ll keep your drink fresh for you all night and you’ll never have to wait at the bar.

  • A Personal Stalker Toting an Assortment of Snacks.

    • Between an early morning wake up call, hair and makeup, first looks, greeting family, bridal and groom portraits, family portraits, ceremony… did you forget to eat all day and now you’re STARVING? Never fear! Your wedding planner is here to whisk you away to a private holding area where you can breathe for a moment and have an assortment of appetizers brought to you and your beau.

    • This is a great time for you to try those appetizers you ordered and have a private moment together. And if being whisked away isn’t your thing then one of your coordinators will be dangerously close by with a plate of goodies so you can snack and get that quick “We Married!” selfie.

  • Your Very Own Bouncer During Your Portraits

    • Wedding days can be overwhelming, especially with family and friends. A lot of times, couples haven’t seen their guests in quite a while. Guests naturally want to flock to you and congratulate you, as they should! But we will kindly ask your guests to wait just a few more minutes until your photos are finished (but only so that we can stay on time, you get your gorgeous shots, and you can maximize mingling!) and also make sure you’ve eaten at least a few bites. We want to make sure you have food in your bellies so that you can thoroughly enjoy those signature drinks and dance the night away!

      • Pro Tip directly from a SYD Team Member: “Before we started SYD and I was getting married, I didn’t know how many values a planner brought to your day, so we didn’t have one. The freshly wifed-up husband and I were so tired from chasing our bridal party and family members down for photos, and we were finally onto our last few couples portraits before sunset, and one of our guests ran down the beach with drink in hand to bear hug both of us. This guest stomped on my train (which I had to re-adjust myself because we didn’t have anyone there but the photographer) yanking me almost off my feet, and completely ruining the whole vibe of the last few photos. One can only hold her blue steel for so long!!"

  • Someone to direct family portraits so that they get done in a timely manner.

    • We’ll make sure to have your shot list before your wedding day. We’ll make sure to gather all of those important people from cocktail hour so that you or your bridal party don’t have to. We’ll line up the next group of people so that they’re ready to go when it’s their turn to get in the shot. The faster these photos get done, the faster you’ll be able to take a breather and private moment or join cocktail hour - and we want you to have these moments!!

  • Professional Bridal Party Wrangler

    • Got a rowdy crew? Got a shy crew? We’ll be there to corral the group either way and make sure they’ll be able to make it down the aisle, through bridal party portraits, and into reception for introductions. No one likes to keep hangry guests waiting!

  • A Mobile Hydration Station

    • We will make sure you don’t have to run off the dance floor to hit the H2O and we PROMISE you’ll thank us for this later. We know you’re having the time of your life and we know it’s **getting hot in here** so we want to make sure you’re enjoying every minute and still staying hydrated.

      • Pro Tip - Hydrate BEFORE your wedding day whether you plan on drinking or not. It will keep your skin looking dewy and fresh and you’ll need the extra H2O in your system since you’ll be standing a lot.

  • A Fairy Godmother Keeping That First Look as Magical as You Planned It

    • SYD Team First-Hand Pro Tip - “We took our first look photo’s off site, but did still have our bridal parties there…at a distance, of course lol) Thank goodness we did because my sister had to physically interfere with a random guest from the hotel who apparently had been pool-side cocktailing all day and DEMANDED to intervene because I was, quote: Setting my marriage up for complete failure by seeing each other before the ceremony. Luckily it was far enough away and she had my dad to back her up so I never heard it…. Until later. If we had a coordinator, my dad and sister wouldn’t have missed our first look tackling a drunk and wandering pool go-er."

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