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Your Seas Your Day Ladies: Choose Your Coordinator!!

Here at Seas Your Day Events we take our jobs very seriously but we also make sure to have a ton of fun while we're at it. Wedding duties always come first and your day is absolutely our top priority but when we aren't wrangling timelines or breaking it down on the dance floor with you, we each have our own not so secret lives. Here's a little bit about each of our coordinators. Which of these lovely ladies matches your vibe the most? Comment below and let us know!

Chelsea: Lead Coordinator

Secret Pro Bowler

Chelsea is our fearless wedding planning boss babe. During our weekly office meetings she can often be heard randomly belting out lyrics with Alexa. She does this at weddings too along with her sweet, sweet dance moves. Chelsea is also a secret ninja bowler. She's joined her league once a week now for the past seven months for a night of knocking down pins. She bowls over 250 now! Chelsea says she's met some great people and gets a good workout on her one squatting leg! She owns three amazing puppers who she loves to cuddle with under the fuzziest blanket in the house. But most of all, Chelsea loves her job. She loves wedding planning and couldn't see herself doing anything else!

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Wedding Color Combo: Velvet green, lots of greenery, gold and white

Favorite Wedding Theme: Literally anything terracotta and modern.

Favorite Hobby: Hanging out with my dogs or camping

Favorite Cuisine: Cheese. But for real, TACOS or curry!

Where I Grew Up: Buffalo, New York #GOBILLS

Favorite Musical Artist: BEYONCE - all caps, completely necessary...

Why do you love wedding planning: I love getting to connect with a couple and being there throughout the whole process of creating their most dreamed of day is something I'll never take for granted!

Favorite part of the wedding: Probably either when the couple gets to see everything brought together for the first time or the couple's smile and big thank you hugs at the end of the night. Knowing we helped them enjoy their day to the fullest is my favorite part.

Morgan: Creative Coordinator

Secret True Crime Podcast Superstar

Morgan is a mom by day and true crime podcaster by night. If you watch our stories and reels, you are probably familiar with her face. She's our in-house reels star!! She's also obsessed with all things spooky and true crime. She and her high school best friend, Emily, started a podcast about true crime stories, giving a little more insight into the psychology behind each story. You can listen to her podcast here. Morgan is also expecting baby number 2 this summer!

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite wedding color combo: Monochrome white or neutrals.

Favorite wedding theme: Boho and earthy

Favorite Hobby: Being a mom <3

Favorite Cuisine: Asian food

Where I Grew Up: Florida born and raised (Disney girl through and through)

Favorite Musical Artist: The Beatles!!

Why do you love wedding planning: I love being able to be a part of such a special and memorable day in people's lives.

Favorite part of the wedding: First Look/First Touch - wow, such an intimate moment between the couple and those are the memories they keep forever.

Ashley: Sales Coordinator

Secret Swing Dancing Queen

Dancing has always been a favorite past time for Ashley. She grew up dancing around the house, creating routines with her friends and family and teaching herself moves by watching dance videos. She's been on dance teams since the fifth grade and while attending University of Central Florida in Orlando she took ballroom classes and participated in Sing Dancing Club. Recently, Ashley discovered a love of Line Dancing and Country Two Step, and can be found most weekends showing off at either The Barn in Sanford or Cowboys in Orlando. If you look closely, you will see some of her sweet moves on our Instagram!

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Favorite Wedding Color Combo: Turquoise and Silver

Favorite Wedding Theme: Classic Barn Wedding

Favorite Hobby: Dancing

Favorite Cuisine: Italian

Favorite Musical Artist: Maddie and Tae

Why do you love wedding planning: I love the feeling of accomplishment when everything comes together at the end of the night and the couple is grateful to you for making their dreams come true.

Favorite part of the wedding: I love when the couple sees each other for the first time or during their first dance because it shows how much they love each other.

Monica: Communications Coordinator

Secret Raver and Kaskade Fanatic

Monica discovered house music artist, Kaskade in the 8th grade but didn't start raving until her sophomore year in college. Since then she's seen Kaskade more times than she can count - seriously, she stopped counting because it's been that many times. She's seen him play in 5 different states, 3 different countries and has met him 4 times (thanks to some very light stalking). She has also been to more festivals than she can count in 5 different states, averaging 2-3 festivals per year, both big, multiday and small, single night. Since Covid and just, well, getting older, she has gone to less events but still listens to house and techno music every day. Monica owns two dogs on Earth and one dog in heaven and can be found cuddling with them whenever she can!

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Wedding Color Combo: Green, gold and purple.

Favorite Wedding Theme: Tropical, beachy vibes all the way!

Favorite Hobby: Dancing at music festivals and discovering new music

Favorite Cuisine: If noodles and garlic of any sort or combination are involved, I'll eat it.

Favorite Musical Artist: Kaskade!

Why do you love wedding planning: I love the satisfaction that comes from a plan well executed. Seeing a couple so happy with everything coming together the way they envisioned it makes me very happy.

Favorite part of the wedding: The room reveal and the first look. The room reveal because it's so fun to watch the one who planned it be so satisfied with the result... and then the one who had no idea (usually the groom) be so amazed at how it all turned out. The first look either in private or down the aisle because for me, it all leads up to that moment where you see each other all dolled up for the first time - the person you're marrying looking simply stunning!

The same can be said of all of our coordinators - we love our jobs and we absolutely love working together. Did you connect with any of our ladies? We want to connect with you! Let us know who you want to work with in the comments or schedule a consultation call with us here ! We are so excited to meet you!

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